Exercise Recommendations - Safety Tips

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Exercise Recommendations - Safety Tips
Exercise Recommendations - Safety Tips

Video: Exercise Recommendations - Safety Tips

Video: Exercise Recommendations - Safety Tips
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Exercise recommendations: active & safe

The health benefits of regular physical activity are greater than the risk of injury or other damage to health. A prerequisite for this is the observance of a few simple rules.


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Individual movement, individual choice. It is recommended

to choose forms of exercise or sports that correspond to the current fitness level. When choosing the form of movement, it is advisable to take into account that the risk of injury is lower with some forms of movement than with others.

Move correctly and safely. For those who are physically inactive and want to exercise more, it is recommended to start with a low intensity. If you want to increase the range of motion per week, you first increase the frequency and duration of the exercise units and only then the intensity.

Equip and prepare properly. Appropriate equipment must be selected depending on the type of exercise or sport. It is recommended that you only move around in a safe environment, follow specific rules, and make sensible and responsible decisions about the time, place, and type of physical activity.

In the event of previous health problems (e.g. heart problems) or a significant increase or change in the exercise program, it is recommended to seek medical advice. Adults and children with chronic health impairments should clarify individual adjustments with doctors and other health or exercise specialists.

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