HIV / AIDS: Benefits & Costs

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HIV / AIDS: Benefits & Costs
HIV / AIDS: Benefits & Costs

Video: HIV / AIDS: Benefits & Costs

Video: HIV / AIDS: Benefits & Costs
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HIV / AIDS: Benefits & Costs

All necessary and appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic measures are taken over by the health insurance carriers. Your doctor or the outpatient clinic will generally settle accounts directly with your health insurance provider. With certain health insurance providers, however, you may have to pay a deductible (BVAEB, SVS, SVS; BVAEB).


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However, you can also use a doctor of your choice (ie doctor without a health insurance contract) or a private outpatient clinic. For more information, see Costs and Deductibles.


If you would like to have an HIV test carried out (e.g. after a risk exposure), you can contact the following offices:

  • AIDS aids
  • HIV treatment centers in hospitals
  • Specialists in general medicine (possibly referral to a medical laboratory)

Addresses and further information can be found under: Advice & Help.

How are the costs going to be covered?

HIV antibody tests are anonymous and free of charge at AIDS-Hilfe. A fee has to be paid for a rapid HIV test. If an HIV test is prescribed by a doctor to clarify a medically justified suspicion, the costs will be covered by the social security institutions. Every risk contact is a sufficient medical justification.


Treatment of HIV / AIDS and opportunistic infections is possible at the following facilities:

  • Hospital (ideally with an HIV treatment center)
  • Specialized resident doctor

How are the costs going to be covered?

The costs of the treatment of HIV / AIDS are covered by the social insurance institutions, for certain services (e.g. inpatient stays, medical aids and medical aids) - depending on the health insurance company - patient contributions are provided. For more information on the respective provisions, please contact your social security agency, which you can find on the social security website, for example.

People with HIV infection are currently exempt from the prescription fee.

When hospitalization is required

In the event of a hospital stay, the hospital costs are settled directly with the health or accident insurance. The patient has to pay a daily contribution to the costs. Further medication treatment at home takes place by prescription from the general practitioner or specialist.

For more information, see What does a hospital stay cost?