Vaccinations Adults

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Vaccinations Adults
Vaccinations Adults

Video: Vaccinations Adults

Video: Vaccinations Adults
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Vaccinations for adults

With age, the immune system's ability to protect itself against infections decreases. The risk of certain diseases increases. It is therefore important to have regular vaccinations in adulthood as well.

If you check your vaccination record and find that there are no vaccinations, you should consult your doctor and supplement your vaccination protection if necessary.


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Vaccination calendar for adults

With increasing age (individually from around 50-60 years), the success of the vaccination and thus the extent and duration of vaccination protection decrease. Therefore, booster vaccinations are sometimes necessary after a shorter interval.

You can find detailed information on vaccinations for adults in the 2020 vaccination schedule.

Obligation to inform about vaccinations

There is no compulsory vaccination in Austria. The decision as to whether someone wants to be vaccinated or not is up to everyone. In order to be able to reach a decision for or against a vaccination, information and clarification from the doctor is required.

Whom can I ask?

Vaccinations for adults are offered by:

  • General practitioners in private practice
  • Health centers and district authorities

Here you will find the counseling and vaccination centers of the federal states.

How are the costs going to be covered?

The cost of vaccinations for adults is not covered by social security. The vaccines must be purchased from the pharmacy after presenting a prescription. The doctor charges a vaccination fee for carrying out the vaccination.

Note There is no age limit for the free MMR vaccination campaign. The vaccine is available free of charge from all public vaccination centers for all people over 9 months of age.

Find out more about vaccination campaigns from your family doctor. The doctors of the health authorities and district authorities and your local pharmacist will be happy to advise you.