Free Vaccination Program In Austria

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Free Vaccination Program In Austria
Free Vaccination Program In Austria

Video: Free Vaccination Program In Austria

Video: Free Vaccination Program In Austria
Video: Austria Speeds Up Vaccine Program With No Spending Cap: Bluemel 2023, December

Free vaccination program in Austria

The free vaccination program was launched almost 20 years ago by the then Federal Minister Lore Hostasch with the aim of giving all children up to the age of 15 living in Austria access to the vaccinations that are important for public health without incurring any costs for the guardians. In this way, most vaccine-preventable diseases in childhood and adolescence are covered. This enables the population to participate in the vaccination required for the important “herd protection”.


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According to the latest state of knowledge, priorities in the selection of free vaccinations are on the one hand very common diseases and on the other hand rare, very serious diseases. Another requirement was to protect the children against as many diseases as possible with as few stings as possible.

For the free vaccination program and its implementation, the payers (Ministry of Health / federal states / social insurance agencies) only have a defined budget at their disposal. Although this budget has been continuously increased and the procurement processes have been optimized, the funds are not sufficient to provide all available and important vaccinations through the public sector. Therefore, the vaccination plan is only expanded and adapted after a precise evaluation of the cost / benefit ratio on the basis of scientific recommendations.

All other recommended vaccinations that are not available free of charge can, depending on the personal risk, be very important for the protection of the individual, especially if no collective vaccination protection is available or available.

You can find detailed information under Vaccination Plan Austria.