Light Meals - Healthy Eating

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Light Meals - Healthy Eating
Light Meals - Healthy Eating
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The healthy meal

Those who correctly distribute the food required for a healthy body throughout the day start with full vigor in the morning, are spared from performance and energy drops in the afternoon and do not feel completely exhausted in the evening either. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and small snacks are important: it is best not to skip any of them! Everyday life shows that implementation is not always easy.


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The healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is necessary to replenish energy and fluid stores. Complex carbohydrates are particularly well suited for this energy boost. The basis of breakfast should therefore be foods rich in carbohydrates such as whole grain products (e.g. muesli or whole grain bread, cereal porridge), ideally combined with fruit / vegetables and milk (products). High-fat and high-sugar breakfast options such as croissants or bread rolls with butter and honey / jam / nut nougat cream are less suitable for breakfast. Drinks are also part of a healthy breakfast: e.g. water, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas as well as diluted fruit or vegetable juices provide fluids that the body needs after sleep in order to be able to work fit and concentrated.

Some people cannot eat or eat very little in the morning. Then it is advisable to at least have a drink and try a few bites. You can catch up on the "missed" breakfast with a morning snack.

Tip You can find many recipes and tips for a healthy breakfast in the recipe database in the "Smoothies and Breakfast" category.

The healthy snack

In general, a snack in the morning or in the afternoon is a good buffer against the cravings at noon or in the evening. To counteract a drop in performance, the following are suitable: Whole-grain baked goods with low-fat spreads (e.g. vegetarian spreads, low-fat curd cheese), fruit or vegetables, yogurt with fruit and nuts. In addition, you should drink a lot. Fatty, salt and sugar-rich foods such as meat loaf, pizza slices, pastries and other sweet things are less suitable for snacks.

The healthy lunch

Easily digestible meals for lunch serve to bypass the afternoon lows. Low-fat and slightly sweetened dishes are suitable, such as soups (e.g. vegetable soup without whipped cream or creme fraîche, minestrone), steamed fish, lean meat, whole grain products, legumes, vegetables and salads. Fatty dishes (such as roast pork or breaded schnitzel with French fries) and desserts (e.g. Buchteln with vanilla sauce) and fatty sauces should be the exception.

The healthy dinner

Light fare and small portions are also ideal for dinner. Generally nothing is forbidden. However, some dishes remain in the digestive system for a long time and can impair the quality of sleep (fatty meat around six to eight hours, with bacon or french fries it is five to six hours). It takes less with rice, freshwater fish (one to two hours) or cooked vegetables, fruit, low-fat meat, whole-grain bread with low-fat spread (two to three hours). Cooked vegetables, soups (without cream), steamed fish and vegetable rice are good for dinner. Not everyone can take every dish equally well in the evening. For example, some people don't get raw vegetables or whole grains so well in the evening and should therefore be avoided.

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