Parental Leave And Return To Work

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Parental Leave And Return To Work
Parental Leave And Return To Work
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Parental leave and return to work

Various legal measures and financial aid support the compatibility of work and family from the birth of the child to school age.


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Maternity leave and parental leave

With the beginning and notification of a pregnancy, the protective provisions of the Maternity Protection Act apply, in particular the protection against dismissal and dismissal. After the end of the employment ban (usually eight weeks after the birth), statutory parental leave can be used. The reporting deadlines for parental leave are important.

The parental leave lasts up to the end of the child's second year of life (that is the day before the second birthday). It can be used by one parent alone or shared between the parents. During the parental leave period, childcare allowance can be received under certain conditions. In order to offer families in different life situations the right offers for their individual needs, parents can choose between different models.

Additional Information:

  • Parental leave (Chamber of Labor)
  • Maternity leave (
  • Childcare allowance (

Parental part time

Under certain conditions (e.g. in companies with more than 20 employees, the employment relationship lasted for at least three years), parents are entitled to part-time employment up to the child's seventh year of age or when they start school later. For companies with a maximum of 20 employees, parental part-time work can be agreed with the employer. The general conditions of part-time employment (e.g. start, duration and extent of working hours) must be agreed with the employer.

Additional Information:

  • Parental leave and part-time parental leave (
  • Parental leave and part-time parental leave (Ministry of Social Affairs)
  • Parental leave and part-time parental leave (company service portal)

Financial support

The birth of a child brings financial burdens for the parents. Financial support from public authorities (e.g. Ministry of Family Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Social Security, Public Employment Service) includes:

  • Statutory family allowance,
  • Childcare allowance,
  • Multi-child allowance,
  • Deductions and tax breaks for families,
  • Subsidy or allowance for childcare allowance
  • or the childcare allowance from the AMS for a paid childcare place.

Further information:

Return to work and childcare

To make it easier to return to work, you should keep in touch with the boss or colleagues in the company from time to time during parental leave. Many parents use the baby break to actively prepare for their return to work and carry out professional training during parental leave. Marginal employment can also be pursued. Additional earnings limits for childcare allowance must be observed.

If you have children and are also working, you often have to organize care for the small family members. Regardless of whether you are in kindergarten, childminder, babysitter, grandparents, girlfriends or friends: it is important to organize support and help in good time and not do everything yourself. In kindergartens and crèches, early registration ensures the desired childcare place.

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