Vegetable Bulgur Pan - Healthy Recipes

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Vegetable Bulgur Pan - Healthy Recipes
Vegetable Bulgur Pan - Healthy Recipes

Vegetable bulgur pan

Particularly recommended for working people!

Ingredients for 2 servings:

160 g bulgur

400 ml clear vegetable soup

100 g sugar peas

200 g carrots

200 g mushrooms

200 g broccoli or cauliflower

½ onion

1 teaspoon olive oil

salt, pepper, fresh herbs as desired


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  • Scatter bulgur into boiling vegetable soup, bring to the boil briefly and let swell over low heat for about twelve minutes.
  • Wash and clean vegetables. Halve the sugar pea pods. Cut the carrots and mushrooms into thin slices. Cut the broccoli or cauliflower into small florets and steam them with the carrots in a little water for one to two minutes. Peel onions and cut them into fine pieces.
  • Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, fry the onion first, then gradually fry the carrots, broccoli or cauliflower, mushrooms and sugar pea pods, season with salt and pepper, add a little water if necessary and let cook finish.
  • Arrange bulgur together with the vegetables on plates, season with fresh herbs and serve.

Tip This dish can also be marinated and taken to work the next day as a salad.

ingredients Nutritional values

per serving (approx.)

ingredients Nutritional values

per serving (approx.)

Energy (kcal) 390 Carbohydrates (g) 70
Protein (g) 17th Dietary fiber (g) 20th
Fat (g) 4th Cholesterol (mg) <1

This recipe comes from the brochure "Proper nutrition in everyday office life" from the Ministry of Health and the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES).

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