Teens And Pregnancy

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Teens And Pregnancy
Teens And Pregnancy

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Teens & Pregnancy

Faster than expected and earlier than wanted. Despite sexual education, young girls still get pregnant unintentionally. Two of the reasons: incorrectly used contraception or no contraception at all. Since you don't know in advance exactly when your first menstrual period will be, it is all the more important to know that a girl can get pregnant in the month before her first menstruation. The menstrual cycle is irregular, especially at the beginning. Ovulation cannot be precisely predicted to the day.

Pregnancy can occur during the days around ovulation. Because after ovulation, the egg cell is only capable of fertilization for a few hours (usually up to 24 hours).


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Danger! Sperm cells can survive in the uterus for a few days. Pregnancy can therefore also occur if sexual intercourse took place a few days before ovulation or about a day after. The monthly cycle and ovulation cannot be calculated exactly to the day in advance. Therefore, to be on the safe side, prevention should always be used.

Take care of contraception in good time

An exciting time awaits teenagers as they grow up. Sexual experiences don't just mean having fun, but also taking responsibility for your own actions. Therefore, it makes sense to get detailed and timely information about sexuality and contraception - e.g. from a gynecologist or from special facilities and advice centers that offer reliable advice, help, support and information free of charge. Information is available from the youth counseling centers.

There is also more information under contraception.

Girls' consultation hour - advice & examination

In order to better inform young girls about the topic of "sexuality", the professional association of Austrian gynecologists has launched the "Girls' clinic" initiative. Young girls are invited to the practice by gynecologists to give them the opportunity to get to know them first, to ask questions and to have a point of contact just in case.

The briefing is not tied to an examination. With the necessary information on sexuality and contraception, the girls leave the practice and have a confidante on hand who they can turn to if they have any questions later.

Girls and boys can find out which gynecologists' practices already offer this service at www.maedchenssprechstunde.com.

Note Girls over the age of 14 can - if they show their e-card - have the pill prescribed by their gynecologist without parental consent. Consultations are also possible without an e-card. Information is available from youth counseling centers and First Love ambulances.

Unintentionally pregnant - what now?

Become a mother now - can I do it? The decision for or against motherhood is not easy to make, especially at a young age. For a young girl or young parents, a child brings about a complete change in their life situation.

There are several options for an unwanted pregnancy:

  • have the child and take care of the upbringing yourself,
  • carry the child to term, but transfer the custody to a foster family for a certain period of time,
  • put the child up for adoption
  • but also the possibility of termination of pregnancy.

For more information on the options, see When Teenagers Get Pregnant.

Contact and advice centers

The period of pregnancy, childbirth and the first years of life of the child places high demands on young mothers and young parents and is a time of great change. They often feel torn between their own youthful desires and needs and the responsibilities that come with living with a child.

In addition to familiar people, advisors also offer help and support in decision-making. You can find institutions or searches for institutions here:

  • Youth counseling centers
  • Parent-Child Centers
  • Hospital St. Josef "YoungMum"
  • Women's health centers
  • Network of Austrian advice centers for women and girls
  • Advice centers on Oesterreich.gv.at
  • Search on Familienberatung.gv.at

"YoungMum" - support for pregnant teenagers

“YoungMum” is a free contact point for pregnant girls between the ages of 14 and 20 and their partners who have decided to give birth to their child despite all the difficulties.

The girls are cared for by a team consisting of midwives, gynecologists, social pedagogues and psychologists during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond that in the first year of the newborn's life.

Care after the birth primarily includes breastfeeding advice, the organization of everyday baby life with the involvement of the partner or parents as well as the organization of material aids (baby food, diapers, baby clothing and care products, etc.).

You can find more information for young mothers at www.sjk-wien.at.

How are the costs going to be covered?

The advice is free of charge and is always strictly confidential.

The legal situation of underage mothers

If the mother is a minor, she is initially not entitled to custody. The youth welfare office appoints a guardian for the child up to their 18th birthday. This can be, for example, the parents of the young mother, the father or the adult father of the child. The father has to pay maintenance for the child and mother. If he is not financially able to do so, an application for an advance maintenance payment can be submitted to the competent district court.

You can find more information on child maintenance at: www.oesterreich.gv.at

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