Day Centers For Senior Citizens

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Day Centers For Senior Citizens
Day Centers For Senior Citizens

Video: Day Centers For Senior Citizens

Video: Day Centers For Senior Citizens
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Day centers for senior citizens

Even if everyday life is made more difficult by a disability or need for care, most older people prefer to live in their own apartment. Caregiving relatives and mobile services, but also regular or daily visits to a day center make this possible.


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Day care by specialists

Day centers are facilities in which senior citizens are cared for during the day. The services include a pick-up or home transport service, meals, needs-based care and, depending on needs and interests, occupational, physiotherapy or psychotherapy, excursions, events and advice for caring relatives.

Specialists are available for care and nursing in the day center, such as qualified nursing staff, psychologists, occupational therapists and psychotherapists or social workers.

The care offer in a day center is usually on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Joint meals such as breakfast, lunch and snacks structure the day in this semi-stationary facility. In between there is time for individual or group activities, such as memory training, discussions, music, creative work, gymnastics or walks.

Social contacts, support and relief

Regular attendance at a day center offers the elderly numerous advantages, e.g.

  • Maintaining social contacts,
  • Training of skills to maintain performance,
  • Activation as part of a regular daily routine.

This also increases the chance of being able to live in a familiar home for as long as possible. In addition, day-care inpatient care is a comparatively inexpensive form of institutionalized care for older people.

On the other hand, it means support and relief for family carers to know that the mother or father is in “good hands” during the day. This may even make it possible to pursue a job despite care tasks or to gain individual "care-free days", which are very important for regeneration and maintaining "one's own life". In addition, the advisory services in day centers offer this group of people valuable tips for care at home and opportunities to exchange ideas with people who are in a similar situation.

Requirement for admission

Since the demand for childcare places in day care centers is quite high, a free place is unfortunately not always available immediately. As a rule, however, it is possible to register on a waiting list. Admission to day care centers requires that the visitors are not bedridden.

Day centers - information and addresses

Information on day centers and day care can be found on the websites of the federal states:

  • Burgenland
  • Lower Austria
  • Upper Austria
  • Salzburg
  • Styria
  • Vienna
  • Vorarlberg

You can find more information about day centers at the following organizations: Caritas, Carits socialis, Hilfswerk, Volkshilfe.