Assisted Living At Home

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Assisted Living At Home
Assisted Living At Home

Video: Assisted Living At Home

Video: Assisted Living At Home
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Assisted living at home

Most older people prefer to stay in their own home. Seniors spend most of their time here, around 22.5 hours a day on average. In order to be able to continue living independently in the familiar environment, support in everyday life is often required.


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Mobile care and support

When walking becomes more difficult, eyes and ears are less functional and various diseases make life difficult, older people can often no longer get along without the help of others. Anyone who cannot or does not want to rely on the support of relatives has the opportunity in Austria to receive help from home helpers, qualified nursing professionals and nursing assistants. These offer support, for example, with housekeeping, shopping, going to doctors and authorities, personal hygiene, eating or even with medical care.

The large supporting organizations in the field of health and social services offer home help and home nursing at hourly rates. The cost contribution to be paid depends on the income, the amount of the care allowance and the number of hours required and varies depending on the federal state.

Further information can be found on the health websites of the federal states and at

24-hour care

Even if an elderly person's everyday life can generally no longer be mastered without outside help, this does not necessarily mean that they are placed in a nursing home. Self-employed or employed carers offer - also around the clock - services that primarily consist of helping with household and life management, e.g.

  • Support in the household,
  • Help with personal hygiene,
  • Doing small purchases,
  • Reheating and preparing meals and
  • physical and mental support (e.g. walks, card games etc.).

In the case of 24-hour care, two carers usually alternate every two weeks. The caregiver needs their own room or at least a separate bed. The costs for 24-hour care at home must be agreed with the respective organization or the independent caregiver. A grant from the Ministry of Social Affairs service. is possible.

Supervised in the senior citizens' apartment

Care at home works particularly well in an apartment that is age-appropriate and barrier-free. Usually this is scattered in normal residential complexes or is located near a retirement or nursing home. The senior citizen's apartment has an emergency call system, and if required, care and support services can be used as an additional service with costs through mobile services.

A supervised apartment is generally advisable for all those senior citizens who are unable to make their own apartment as barrier-free as possible, but who still want to live independently and independently in their own four walls. Binding standards for assisted living that apply to all federal states and all providers do not yet exist in Austria. In addition, there are significant differences in the price-performance offer of the various providers. A grant can be requested from the Ministry of Social Affairs Service. Applications can also be submitted to the federal states as social assistance providers.

Additional Information:

  • You can find information and links to the range of social services, funding and contact persons in the federal states at
  • Information from the Ministry of Social Affairs on care and support.