Organ Donation From The Deceased - Procedure

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Organ Donation From The Deceased - Procedure
Organ Donation From The Deceased - Procedure

Video: Organ Donation From The Deceased - Procedure

Video: Organ Donation From The Deceased - Procedure
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Organ donation from the deceased: procedure

In principle, an organ donation is possible if severe brain damage leads to failure of the entire brain in a patient in the hospital. Intensive care measures continue to preserve the organs for transplant. The doctors in charge carry out all necessary examinations of the potential organ donor. These include brain death diagnostics, blood tests, etc. The donor hospital notifies the responsible transplant center, which coordinates the organ donation and organizes the next steps for the organ transplant.


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Coordination of the transplant

A transplant coordinator from the transplant center supports the donor hospital team in organizational matters, prepares the tissue typing and organ removal and reports the organ donation to the international organ placement agency Eurotransplant.

Before organ removal, a query in the objection register at Gesundheit Österreich GmbH is legally mandatory. It is checked whether the deceased has spoken out against organ donation during his lifetime. The relatives are informed about a possible organ removal.

Examinations of the donor

The organ donor is extensively examined in order to protect the recipient of the transplant and to avoid complications. The responsible transplant center then informs the Eurotransplant organ placement office about the availability of the organ and transmits the donor data.

Organ allocation

Eurotransplant checks the donor data. For the award of an organ, the chances of success and urgency are decisive. After allocation according to criteria defined by national and international specialist societies, Eurotransplant informs the responsible transplant center - the hospital where the organ transplant is carried out - of the availability of a suitable organ.

Organ removal

The donor organs are removed in the donor hospital by means of a pious operation, cooled and prepared for transport. After the organs have been removed, the body is closed again and handed over to the desired funeral home. The donor organ is transported to the responsible transplant center as quickly as possible.

Organ transplant

The recipient of the organ is informed by the transplant center and has to be at the hospital quickly. After the preparations for the transplant, the recipient's organ is transplanted.

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