Discharge Letter

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Discharge Letter
Discharge Letter

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Video: Discharge Letter
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The discharge letter

After an inpatient stay in the hospital, the hospital doctor announces the date for the discharge. On the day of discharge, there are still some formalities to be completed, including the patient receives the discharge letter for the treating doctor. Find out what information the discharge letter contains and when you will receive a nursing discharge letter…


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What information does the discharge letter contain?

The discharge letter contains important information and recommendations for further treatment after a hospital stay. It is aimed primarily at the referring or further treatment doctors as well as other health service providers (e.g. physiotherapist) who take on the subsequent care or maintenance if necessary.

The discharge letter contains the following information:

  • Reason for admission,
  • Examinations and their results,
  • Diagnoses,
  • Therapies,
  • findings (e.g. X-ray, ultrasound),
  • recommended medication.

    Note If check-ups are planned, the dates for this are already recorded in the discharge letter.

Preliminary & final discharge letter

On the day of discharge, the patient receives either a provisional or a final discharge letter. If the final discharge letter is not ready on the day of discharge, the patient receives a kind of short report with the most important information for further treatment from the resident doctor. The patient or the treating doctor will receive the detailed (final) letter by post or electronically.

As a patient, you decide who - apart from the referring doctor - should receive your discharge letter. If the final discharge letter is not ready on the day of discharge from the hospital, inform the hospital doctor which doctors who will continue treatment should receive a copy of your discharge letter or whether you would like a copy of your discharge letter yourself. Findings often only come in the next 14 days after discharge. (e.g. microscopic findings from sampling, rare laboratory tests). To be on the safe side, do not fail to ask a doctor you trust again.

Nursing discharge letter

Patients who still need nursing care after their stay in hospital will also receive a nursing discharge letter. It contains information about any need for care that may still exist, such as changing bandages, catheter care or assistance with washing and getting dressed.

Information on the discharge of patients can be found under the Hospital and Health Care Act.

ELGA: e findings

Citizens who participate in ELGA (ie if they have not objected to ELGA) can view their ELGA health data in their personal ELGA.

After a hospital stay, patients receive the discharge letter in paper form. For patients who take part in ELGA, the discharge letter is also made available in their ELGA.

Note The structure of the letter of discharge in paper form and the letter of discharge made available in ELGA differ. This is because ELGA findings are presented in a new digital format. This makes it easier for patients and doctors to read the results on the computer. In addition, ELGA results are optimized for computer display and printing. Important information is highlighted and orientation in the text is improved by standardizing structure and layout. You can find detailed information on the website of ELGA GmbH.

Note Findings from contract doctors or elective doctors are not yet saved in ELGA. Findings from the time before the introduction of ELGA cannot be called up.