Rehabilitation Application - You Have To Pay Attention To This

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Rehabilitation Application - You Have To Pay Attention To This
Rehabilitation Application - You Have To Pay Attention To This

Video: Rehabilitation Application - You Have To Pay Attention To This

Video: Rehabilitation Application - You Have To Pay Attention To This
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Application for medical rehabilitation

In the case of many serious illnesses (e.g. stroke, heart attack) or after medical interventions (e.g. spinal surgery), after the acute treatment, further medical measures are sometimes necessary for the patient's recovery. The aim of medical rehabilitation is to enable patients again to lead an independent life, if possible without outside help, and to be able to take an appropriate place in the community…


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When is there a right to medical rehabilitation?

Medical rehabilitation measures are granted to the insured if, without these measures, there is a risk of disability (workers), occupational incapacity (employees) or incapacity (tradespeople and farmers) in the foreseeable future. There is an entitlement to medical rehabilitation measures in connection with a pension application if the person is temporarily disabled for at least six months and there is no entitlement to vocational rehabilitation measures or if these are unreasonable and appropriate.


Medical rehabilitation measures are only provided on the basis of an application. The rehabilitation application is made via the treating doctor or in the acute hospital after the need for rehabilitation has been determined. The doctor will inform you which insurance company (pension, accident or health insurance) is responsible for your case. You can obtain the required form from your doctor or on the social security website.

Note It is possible to submit applications to any social insurance agency - even if another insurance agency is actually responsible. In this case, the application will be forwarded to the responsible insurance provider ("Allsparenservice").

The patient submits the application himself / herself. On the back of the application form, the doctor explains why medical rehabilitation is necessary and what its purpose is.

Note After an operation for acute illnesses or after an accident, the hospital doctor can submit an application for follow-up treatment to the responsible insurance company. There is a dedicated application form for this purpose.


Different insurance carriers can be used to provide medical rehabilitation:

  • Accident insurance (e.g. AUVA)
  • Pension insurance (e.g. PVA)
  • Health insurance

Note An application for medical rehabilitation can also be submitted to any social insurance office for forwarding to the responsible insurance company.

Application form for download

You can download the application form here: Application for medical rehabilitation

The completed application can be sent to the responsible social insurance agency (health, pension or accident insurance agency) or handed in personally to one of the service points.

Rejection of an application

If a rehabilitation application is rejected, a new application can be submitted in the event of a significant deterioration in the patient's state of health or a renewed illness. The medical assessment is in turn carried out by the respective insurance carrier (pension, accident or health insurance carrier). The applicant will be informed of the decision on the application in writing. If an application for medical rehabilitation is rejected, the responsible insurance company will also state the reasons for this.

How are the costs going to be covered?

If social insurance approves the rehabilitation stay, it also covers a large part of the costs. For medical rehabilitation measures, an additional payment is provided by the insured, depending on the income. This is based on the monthly gross income of the insured person or the pension recipient.

Note In the case of special protection needs (e.g. recipients of compensation allowances), the insured person or pension recipient can be exempted from the additional payment upon request.

You can find more information on the amount of the co-payments at:

Travel and transport costs

Travel and transport costs are partly covered by the insurance company under certain conditions. Inquire with the social security agency responsible for you.