Cure Stay, Application & Permit

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Cure Stay, Application & Permit
Cure Stay, Application & Permit
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Spa stay

Stressed, tired and sick - if the prescribed medication and therapy no longer help, the attending physician must assess whether a cure is medically necessary to regenerate or recover. Find out how long a spa stay lasts and which measures are granted after the application has been submitted…


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When is a cure necessary?

The classic cure is a medical measure to maintain and strengthen health or to alleviate chronic suffering. When a cure is necessary, the treating doctor usually decides.

In the application for treatment, the medical need must be justified by the treating doctor. You can find detailed information on how to apply under Application for a spa stay.

Note The approval of a spa application is generally valid for twelve months. This means you have to start the cure within one year of the date of approval - otherwise the approval expires.

Which diseases can be treated as part of a cure?

The diseases that are treated as part of a spa stay include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Skin disorders
  • peripheral arterial disease

Spa stay abroad

In the case of special illnesses that cannot be adequately treated in Austria, the social insurance agency can also grant spa stays abroad. The prerequisite for this is that the social security agency approves the stay.

Note Spa stays are a "preventive health measure" and are therefore voluntary benefits that can be granted by the insurance company, but to which there is no legal entitlement.

How long does a spa stay last?

A spa stay usually lasts 22 days. This can also be extended according to needs and medical necessity.

Measures during a cure

In contrast to the "restorative" rehabilitation measures, a stay at a health resort serves to preventively maintain the ability to work. The following measures can be granted after the application has been submitted:

  • Inpatient stays in spa facilities (social insurance institutions' own facilities or contract facilities)
  • Subsidies for a stay in a spa

Goal of the cure

The goals of a spa stay are

  • Elimination or improvement of indication-related functional restrictions,
  • Reduction of risk factors (secondary prevention),
  • Maintaining the ability to work,
  • Avoiding the need for care or maintaining or improving the status of the need for care.

Spa subsidy

In order for the social insurance agency to approve a stay at a health resort, an application must be submitted through the doctor, whereby either an inpatient stay or a so-called health resort allowance can be granted. While in the case of an inpatient stay, a direct billing takes place with the responsible social insurance agency, the costs for the granting of subsidies must initially be borne by the insured themselves. Charging back is only possible after the cure.

Whom can I ask?

An application is required for a spa stay. The application is made through the treating doctor. The following insurance carriers are responsible for checking the application:

  • Pension insurance carrier (e.g. PVA)
  • Health insurance carriers

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