Vocational Rehabilitation

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Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational Rehabilitation
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Vocational rehabilitation

While medical rehabilitation aims to restore physical or mental performance after an accident or illness, the focus of occupational rehabilitation is on promoting reintegration into the labor market.

Occupational rehabilitation measures are intended to enable those affected to regain a foothold in their previous occupation or to work in another area of ​​work…


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Goal of vocational rehabilitation

The aim of vocational rehabilitation is to enable people with a disability (through further vocational training measures or retraining) to work in their previous or, if not possible, a new occupation, and thus to ensure permanent integration in work, profession and society enable.

Vocational rehabilitation measures

In principle, there are various options available to get active again professionally. There are measures that are supposed to keep the job, but also training and further education offers that can give those affected new professional perspectives. When selecting the measures, individually different factors such as suitability, inclination or previous activity are taken into account. These measures can be carried out alone or in addition to medical rehabilitation that has already taken place.

Vocational rehabilitation services include:

  • Help to keep or get a job
  • Promotion of employment
  • Measures to find a job
  • professional adaptation, training, education and retraining
  • Adaptation of the workplace

general requirements

Occupational rehabilitation measures in the area of ​​social insurance can be provided by an accident insurance institution (in connection with an accident at work or an occupational disease) or by a pension insurance institution. In the event of (impending) disability or occupational incapacity, there is a legal entitlement to vocational rehabilitation measures if the insurance requirements are met.

Disability pension

In January 2014, a comprehensive reform of the invalidity pension law came into force for employed persons with the aim of keeping people in working life longer and reducing the number of invalidity pensions. The principle of “rehabilitation before retirement” should come to the fore. A limited granting of a disability or occupational disability pension is no longer possible for insured persons born after 1.1.1964. Instead, rehabilitation allowances or retraining allowances are granted.

For employees who are temporarily disabled or incapable of working, who can no longer practice their learned profession and for whom vocational rehabilitation measures are appropriate and reasonable, vocational retraining should take place (but not below the previous qualification level). Retraining allowance is provided as a cash benefit. The job market service is responsible for calculating, granting and paying the retraining allowance as well as carrying out the vocational rehabilitation measures.

Whom can I ask?

An application for a disability or occupational disability pension submitted to the pension insurance institution is primarily an application for rehabilitation. In order to receive vocational rehabilitation measures independently of an application for a pension, those affected must submit a rehabilitation application.

Different bodies are responsible for vocational rehabilitation measures. Occupational rehabilitation measures in the area of ​​social insurance can be approved by an accident insurance institution (AUVA, BVAEB, SVS) - in connection with an accident at work or an occupational disease - or by a pension insurance institution - after a private or leisure accident or illness (e.g. PVA).

In addition to the social insurance agencies, there are other rehabilitation agencies, such as the labor market service (AMS), the federal social welfare offices or the respective state governments. Who is a rehabilitation provider is regulated in the Federal Disabled Persons Act. The largest and most important contractual partner of the rehabilitation provider is the vocational training and rehabilitation center (BBRZ) for the provision of vocational rehabilitation measures.

Note During vocational rehabilitation without legal entitlement, you will receive transition allowance to secure your livelihood. The transition allowance is paid monthly in arrears.

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