Health Care Proxy - Content - Sample

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Health Care Proxy - Content - Sample
Health Care Proxy - Content - Sample

Video: Health Care Proxy - Content - Sample

Video: Health Care Proxy - Content - Sample
Video: How to Choose a Health Care Proxy & How to Be a Health Care Proxy 2023, December

Power of attorney

With a power of attorney, a person can exercise the right to self-determination and determine in advance who will make decisions on your behalf as an authorized representative and represent you. This concerns the case of a future loss of legal capacity, insight and judgment or the ability to speak. Such situations can arise, for example, with dementia or with prolonged unconsciousness. A health care proxy must meet certain formal and legal requirements.


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Creation of a power of attorney

The health care proxy must be drawn up in writing at one of the registering offices (notary's office, law firm or adult protection association) and registered in the Austrian Central Representation Directory for a fee. The power of attorney is valid from the entry of the occurrence of the insured event in the ÖZVV, i.e. as soon as the person loses the ability to make decisions about the matters covered by the health care proxy (e.g. due to advanced dementia, coma). The power of attorney, like any other power of attorney, can be revoked at any time. The revocation must be entered.

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