Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Finding The Right Surgeon

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Finding The Right Surgeon
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Finding The Right Surgeon

Video: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Finding The Right Surgeon

Video: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Finding The Right Surgeon
Video: How to Choose your Plastic Surgeon - Schulman Plastic Surgery 2023, March

Aesthetic plastic surgery: finding the right surgeon

The most important factor for the success of an aesthetic surgery is the plastic surgeon. You should therefore exercise great care when making your choice. The combination of training, experience, sense of form and psychological empathy is of decisive importance for the success of the operation with regard to the qualification of the surgeon.


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There are many doctors who practice cosmetic surgery, but not all of them have the same qualifications. Always be careful if there is no official specialist title. You should also be careful when contacting an anonymous GmbH. Here it is often neither clear who is performing the operations nor what specialist status the doctor has.

Consultation as a decision aid

The consultation allows the patient and the doctor to get to know each other. Ask specifically about the surgeon's experience with the procedure that interests you. She / he should have been doing this regularly for several years. During the conversation, the various treatment options with all their advantages and disadvantages should be discussed in detail.

No operation is without risk. The doctor should list possible complications with their frequency and treatment options. The details of the treatment process such as anesthetic procedure, length of stay and recovery phase must be explained. Be in doubt when you are guaranteed dream results. The most important objective must be to convey realistic expectations for what is to be achieved.

Note If you have any doubts after a consultation, you should get a second opinion.

How do I find a plastic surgeon?

There are specialist societies that send a list of their members upon telephone or written request with whom you can then arrange a consultation, e.g. the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Here you will also find an online search service (doctor search).

Protected terms behind which a specialist training in plastic surgery stands:

  • Specialist in plastic surgery
  • Specialist in plastic and aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

Unprotected terms that any doctor may use regardless of their training and experience:

  • Cosmetic surgeon
  • Cosmetic surgeon

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