Objection To Organ Donation

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Objection To Organ Donation
Objection To Organ Donation
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Objection to organ donation

Organ donation from the clinically dead can save other people's lives. The requirements and the procedure for organ donations are regulated by law. In Austria, an organ, part of an organ or tissue may only be removed from a potential donor if the person did not object during their lifetime.


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Opposition register

So if a person does not want to be an organ donor, they must declare their objection to organ and tissue removal. This objection can be registered in the objection register of Gesundheit Österreich GmbH.

This is also possible for children or non-legally competent persons through their legal representation. Objections for minor minors (under 14 years of age) that are requested by a parent or legal guardian will be automatically deleted when the minor has reached the age of 14. One month before their 14th birthday, the persons receive a notification of the upcoming deletion including an entry form, which can be filled in again from the age of 14 and which is valid with their own signature.

Other forms of contradiction

In addition to the documented contradiction in the contradiction register, other forms of decision regarding a post-mortem organ or tissue donation are also respected (e.g. a letter found in the identification documents or a witnessed oral contradiction among relatives).

An objection can be deleted from the objection register at any time.

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