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Diagnosis and therapy according to FX Mayr

The diagnosis and therapy according to FX Mayr is a holistic dietetic-physical method. Due to the sensitive diagnostics, the therapy principles of protection, cleaning, training and substitution are applied individually. This is intended to improve the function of all organ systems and in particular of the digestive tract.


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  • What is the background?
  • How does the method work?
  • What areas of application are there?
  • Is there any scientific evidence?
  • Whom can I ask?
  • How are the costs going to be covered?

What is the background?

The intestine is a particularly important human organ. It is not only responsible for digestion, but controls many mechanisms for keeping people healthy. Examples of this are the immune system, the microbiome - in the narrower sense, this means the entirety of all microorganisms that inhabit humans, including the intestinal flora - and the tryptophan metabolism.

The Austrian doctor and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr lived from 1875 to 1965 and developed the FX Mayr medicine mainly in Vienna and Karlsbad. The most important thing in nutrition is therefore not the “what”, but the “how”. The FX Mayr medicine teaches, among other things, slow eating, thorough chewing, sufficient drinking and the natural feeling of satiety.

The International Society of Mayr Doctors has offered regular training and further education courses since the 1960s, and it has continuously developed the method. Today milk and bread rolls are largely obsolete. Rather, all intolerances are taken into account, cereals are reduced, the intestines are protected more individually and the vegetables with their healthy effects are upgraded.

How does the method work?

The diagnosis according to FX Mayr should detect deviations from the ideal state of health long before the onset of a manifest disease. This should enable individualized preventive medicine and the causal treatment of various chronic complaints.

With an FX Mayr cure, 250 ml of an isotonic Epsom salt solution are drunk in the morning. This is intended to promote the bile flow and intestinal peristalsis, clean the intestine and compensate for any microbiome imbalances.

In terms of diet, the focus is on chewing training. Eating slowly, chewing and salivating thoroughly, sensitizing the sense of taste and learning a natural feeling of satiety enable a sustainable improvement in diet and weight regulation. The choice of food and its preparation are aimed at maximum protection of the digestive tract and thus enable its regeneration.

The medical manual abdominal treatments are supposed to improve the blood circulation in the abdomen (abdomen), decongest the lymph and support the liver, tone the intestines and counteract the lowering of the abdominal viscera (enteroptosis). In addition, intensive medical care and advice is offered.

If necessary, nutritional supplements are used to counteract a subliminal acidification of the tissue, various deficiencies, functional disorders and inflammation.

What areas of application are there?

The therapy according to Dr. FX Mayr is intended to form the basis for a reorientation of the diet and lifestyle. FX Mayr doctors see the following areas of application for this method:

  • Disorders or diseases of the digestive tract, e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, chronic gastritis, microscopic colitis, so-called silent inflammation,
  • Reflux disease,
  • Metabolic imbalances: diabetes, increased blood lipids, fatty liver,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Spinal problems,
  • Rheumatism,
  • Allergies,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • Migraine,
  • Overweight,
  • Underweight due to a digestive disorder (maldigestion syndrome).

Is there any scientific evidence?

There are no randomized, controlled clinical studies on diagnosis and therapy according to FX Mayr.

Whom can I ask?

The Austrian Medical Association has a diploma in diagnostics and therapy according to Dr. FX Mayr created. Only doctors are admitted for training in Austria. So-called Mayr houses are certified by the International Society of Mayr Doctors according to strict quality criteria and are regularly checked.

How are the costs going to be covered?

The costs for complementary medical treatment are usually not covered by the health insurance carriers and in a few cases with the approval of the chief physician. In the spa and rehabilitation sector, at least partial cost coverage is provided for individual services. In any case, it is worth checking with the responsible health insurance company.

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