Health Reform - Targeting Health

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Health Reform - Targeting Health
Health Reform - Targeting Health

Video: Health Reform - Targeting Health

Video: Health Reform - Targeting Health
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Health reform - targeting health

The primary goal of the health reform is to ensure sustainable, quality-assured, effective and efficient health care for the entire population and the long-term financial viability of the public health system based on solidarity. In addition, the focus on care goals and results as well as the creation of transparency about these results are central priorities.


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Goal Control Health

In 2013, the federal, state and social security organizations agreed to set up a target management system based on partnership for planning, organizing and financing Austrian health care. The continuation of this system until the end of 2021 has already been decided. This ensures that the public health system remains financially sustainable and that it is strengthened in the long term. The strategic and result-oriented cooperation and coordination of the target control partners should support better coordination between the supply areas.

Federal target control agreement

In order to implement the goals of the 2013 health reform, the federal, state and social security agencies agreed in 2013 on a first federal target control agreement for the period up to the end of 2016. The second target control agreement at federal level for the years 2017 to 2021 is based on the agreements pursuant to Art. 15a B -VG on the organization and financing of the health system as well as target control-health, and the Agreement Implementation Act 2017, Federal Law Gazette I No. 26/2017 and represents the operational design of these bases. More information can be found under Target control-health from 2017.

In the target control agreement at the federal level, the strategic and operational targets as well as the measures to be taken at the federal and state level to achieve the targets are agreed and made binding. The further operationalization and specification of these measures with regard to timely implementation takes place at the federal level within the framework of federal annual work programs and at the state level within the framework of the respective state target control agreements (multi-year).

The organs

The tasks that result from the partnership-based target control health at the federal level are performed by the Federal Health Agency, a public fund. It has two organs, the Federal Target Control Commission (political level) and the Standing Coordination Committee (civil servant level). In both bodies, the federal, state and social security organizations are represented as equal partners and decision-makers. In addition to managing the funds, the tasks are to follow developments in the Austrian health system and to intervene in the interests of the common strategic objectives using common principles, guidelines and instruments.

As a mirror image of the federal level, the tasks that result from the partnership-based target management at the state level are performed by a health fund in each state. The state health funds also have two organs, the health platform and the state target control commission. The respective state, the federal government and social security are represented in both, and other members are also represented in the health platforms (e.g. medical association, association of cities and municipalities, patient advocacy etc.). In addition to managing the funds, the tasks are to specify and implement the principles, requirements and instruments of the Federal Health Agency or to initiate a corresponding implementation.

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