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Healthy Cities Network
Healthy Cities Network

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Healthy cities

The “Network for Healthy Cities” was founded in Graz in 1992 as a political committee of the Austrian Association of Cities. The work of the network is based on the principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion of the WHO of 1986, which sees health as an essential part of everyday life and health promotion as a task for society as a whole.


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The network meets annually for two meetings at which information and experiences are exchanged between the healthy cities. In addition, specialist conferences, workshops, seminars and symposia are held on various key topics of the network and the WHO.

Note The network is financed by contributions from members and other donations, the infrastructure of the coordination office is provided by the City of Vienna.

21 member cities

A total of 21 cities currently belong to the “Network Healthy Cities Austria”. These include Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, St. Pölten, Bregenz, Eisenstadt, Wörgl, Villach, Wels, Steyr, Leonding, Kapfenberg, Leoben, Bruck an der Mur, Fürstenfeld, Knittelfeld, Schwechat, Tulln, Laa an der Thaya.

Note Each member city is represented in the network by a political advisor and a coordinator.

Membership requirements

A prerequisite for membership in the network is a political declaration of intent from an interested city, usually a local council resolution, in which the principles of the Ottawa Charter of the WHO and the network's objectives are accepted as local political guidelines. Furthermore, the members are invited to actively participate in the exchange of information and experiences between the "healthy cities" and to participate in community activities and programs. The legal entity of the network is the association “Healthy Cities Austria - Association for the Promotion of Health Awareness in Austrian Cities.

WHO goals for "healthy cities"

  • Safe and clean physical living conditions of high quality including quality of living
  • a balanced and stable urban ecosystem,
  • a mutually supportive community and neighborhood,
  • a high degree of citizen involvement in planning and decisions that can affect health,
  • Satisfying the basic needs of water, food, housing, work and security for all citizens,
  • Equal opportunities for all in access to knowledge, experience and services that affect health,
  • a vital and ecologically oriented urban economy,
  • broad understanding of one's own cultural past and of other ethnic groups in the city population,
  • an urban structure and administration that takes the typical characteristics of the different parts of the city (districts) into account and maintains them in the long term,
  • Health facilities and health care at a high level for all citizens,
  • Equal opportunities for everyone for the best possible health and wellbeing.

Objectives of the Austrian Healthy Cities Network

The primary goals of the “Netzwerk Gesund Städtische Österreich” are to maintain and promote the health of the citizens. Other important objectives include:

  • Commitment to the principles of the WHO as set out in the Ottawa Charter.
  • Development of a health-promoting urban environment that allows all citizens to further develop and maintain their health in the long term.
  • Support the WHO goals
  • Health promotion is given high priority in politics and administration.

Note Comprehensive information about the network can be found in the brochure "25 Years Network of Healthy Cities in Austria".

WHO project: "Vienna - Healthy City"

Vienna is the only Austrian city that is directly involved in the international WHO healthy cities network. Vienna has been a member since 1988 and is also involved in the current sixth phase (2014–2018) of this global comprehensive health initiative. In this context, Vienna cooperates directly with up to 100 European cities and WHO Europe.

The WHO project: "Vienna - Healthy City" is part of the Vienna Health Promotion. There, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the design of health-promoting living environments are implemented. As recommended by the WHO, the Viennese health promotion focuses in its work particularly on the creation of health equality. The aim is to compensate for disadvantages based on income, origin or gender.

You can find detailed information at:

  • Vienna health promotion
  • Healthy Cities Network

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