Health Goals For Austria

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Health Goals For Austria
Health Goals For Austria

Video: Health Goals For Austria

Video: Health Goals For Austria
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Health goals for Austria

In May 2011 the Ministry of Health launched an initiative on behalf of the Federal Health Commission to develop comprehensive framework health goals for Austria. Various organizations from all areas of society were invited to present their important framework health goals and to describe suggestions for improvement. All citizens also had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the goals via an internet platform. At the end of June 2012, the Federal Health Commission adopted the ten general health goals for Austria. The goals are intended to serve as a framework for the management of the health system and to specify the focus of action for the next 20 years. The primary goal is for Austrians to be able to live healthily for two years longer.


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What keeps us healthy

“What keeps us healthy?” Was the central question. Health does not only affect patient care in hospitals, medical practices or rehabilitation centers. Outside the health system, too, factors such as education, occupation, income, social contacts or personal recognition are largely responsible for a person's well-being. When designing health-promoting social framework conditions, not only health policy measures play an important role, but also social, environmental, labor market, economic or educational policy. For example, social security, a good environmental status or educational status make a significant contribution to health.

The background to the initiative is the comprehensive concept of health, which was defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as early as 1986 as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being, and the “Health for All” strategy. Accordingly, health is established in everyday life, where people live, work, shop, play etc.

Further information: Healthy living environments.

Health goals of the federal states

The framework health goals form the superstructure to the framework health goals of the federal states, which have already been developed in individual states and the social insurance system and are still being worked on in others. The states of Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria have defined and partially published their own general health goals. Tyrol and Vorarlberg are based on the general health goals of the WHO. Burgenland, Carinthia and Vienna are developing their own framework health goals.

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