Education Network - Advanced Training In Health Promotion

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Education Network - Advanced Training In Health Promotion
Education Network - Advanced Training In Health Promotion
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Education network - advanced training in health promotion

Communicating health promotion in an understandable and effective way is one thing for professionals. Practice-related health promotion requires a wide range of specialist, process-specific, strategic and group-dynamic qualifications. The relevant knowledge is imparted in the “Health Promotion Education Network seminar program” of the Healthy Austria Fund (FGÖ). The advanced training program is tailored to people who are involved in health promotion and prevention.


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Training for professionals

The target groups of the educational network include:

  • Implementers of health promotion projects
  • Decision-makers
  • Stakeholders

The concept of the educational network includes open seminars on a wide range of advanced training topics in practice-related health promotion. These contents range from teaching methods in project management through communication, marketing and presentation to documentation and evaluation. In addition, the further development of the central personal skills of the team leaders and team members as well as setting- and target group-specific seminars in health promotion are on the program.

Anchored regionally

The Healthy Austria Fund has commissioned regional coordinators who design, organize and implement the offer on site. In this way, there are regional contact persons in each federal state who, in addition to the entire processing of registrations and the organization of the seminars in the respective federal state, are also available for questions.


Most of the costs of the educational network seminars are borne by the FGÖ, the participants have to pay a contribution towards expenses.

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