Healthy Communities Austria

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Healthy Communities Austria
Healthy Communities Austria

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Video: Healthy Communities Austria
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Healthy communities Austria

“Promoting health where health happens” - this is the aim of the “Healthy Community” initiative. The quality of life and the well-being of the people in your community should be sustainably increased through innovative offers for health promotion. Many Austrian municipalities have already decided to become a “healthy municipality”.


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How do you become a "Healthy Church"?

If those responsible in a community decide to offer health promotion and take part in the “Healthy Community” initiative, a positive local council resolution is required first. A working group is then founded in the community. Doctors, pharmacists and representatives of welfare organizations (e.g. Volkshilfe, Caritas) work in this. But every resident of a “healthy community” who is interested in health issues can also contribute personally. On the websites of the federal states you will find information on the health-promoting offers as well as a list of the “healthy communities” in your state.


With the “Healthy Village” project, the Austrian Health Fund (ÖGK) is carrying the topic of health promotion together with the PROGES health association (formerly PGA) in the villages and towns of Burgenland. More than 90 municipalities are already part of the network, which continues to grow. Further information is available at Healthy Village: and at


The “Healthy Community” is an initiative for regional health promotion in Carinthia, in which 110 communities are now involved. One of the most important tasks of the public health system is to create optimal framework conditions for maintaining, improving and promoting the health of the population.

You can find detailed information under Healthy Community Carinthia.

Lower Austria

The Lower Austrian initiative “Tut gut!” Arranges offers for communities and is oriented towards the creation of health-promoting living conditions with the aim of strengthening the public's responsibility for health. 370 healthy communities and thus more than half of the communities in Lower Austria are already active with a wide range of offers in terms of regional health promotion.

You can find detailed information under Healthy Community of Lower Austria.

Upper Austria

Gesunde Gemeinde Oberösterreich is a joint network of the state of Upper Austria, the department for health and health-promoting cities and communities. The aim is to promote health awareness among the population and to create health-promoting structures in the communities. More than 97 percent of the Upper Austrian municipalities have already joined this proven network.

You can find detailed information under Healthy Community Upper Austria.


Styria vitalis has supported the Styrian network of healthy communities since 1987. Membership in the network enables the communities to be flexible. The aim of the program is community development with regard to better quality of life and health for the population.

You can find detailed information under Healthy Community Styria.


There are now more than 40 healthy communities in Salzburg. In 1992 the State of Salzburg and AVOS - the Salzburg work group for preventive medicine - set up the healthy communities. The basic idea was that conventional healing medicine can only influence a small part of the general health of the people. Lifestyle, environment and disposition play a much larger role here.

You can find detailed information under Healthy Salzburg and Health in Salzburg.


In Tyrol there is no state-wide network of “healthy communities”, but committed communities that are nevertheless intensively dedicated to the topic of community health promotion. For example, the “Healthy Community Navis” and the “Healthy Community Birgitz”.

You can find detailed information under Healthy Community Navis and on the website of the Birgitz community.


With currently nine “healthy districts” (Leopoldstadt, Margareten, Mariahilf, Favoriten, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Ottakring, Brigittenau, Gesundes Floridsdorf and Donaustadt), the City of Vienna focuses on health promotion. The aim of the project is to motivate the residents to develop a willingness to participate in their immediate living environment. They should be encouraged to discover and strengthen their own potential for change with regard to their lifestyle and living conditions.

You can find detailed information under Healthy City of Vienna.

In addition to Vienna, there are other “healthy cities” in Austria that are represented in a corresponding network.

Project funding by the FGÖ for municipalities and cities

The Healthy Austria Fund (FGÖ) promotes health promotion projects and comprehensive primary prevention and sets priorities in the area of community health promotion projects. The own funding line “Healthy together in …” aims to support smaller projects at the municipal level.

You can find detailed information at: Community projects Healthy together in …