E-card - Doctor's Visit

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E-card - Doctor's Visit
E-card - Doctor's Visit
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The e-card

The e-card is the Austrian social security card and has been used across the board since 2005. The name, date of birth and insurance number of the insured person are stored on the chip card, but no medical data. The e-card must be presented every time you visit a doctor. If you have forgotten your e-card, some doctors will collect a deposit that you will get back when you bring your e-card.


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e-card functions

The card currently has the following functions:

  • It identifies you as a socially insured person,
  • it is your European health insurance card and
  • enables the electronic notification of sickness directly to the doctor.

In addition, the e-card has a dormant function that you can activate if you wish: the citizen card, your electronic ID, with which it is possible, for example, to query insurance data online, to deal with official channels electronically or to sign documents electronically. Further information on the e-card is available at www.chipkarte.at

When do I need the e-card?

Show the e-card every time you visit a doctor. If you don't have it with you, your doctor can manually enter your insurance number in the e-card system and thus determine whether you have social insurance. Be sure to bring the e-card with you the next time you visit a doctor. If the e-card is missing, some doctors will collect a deposit that you will get back when you bring the e-card. When you visit your home, your doctor will record the data in advance or afterwards in the e-card system.

What does the e-card cost?

The e-card is issued free of charge. According to Section 135 (3) ASVG, the legislature provides for a service charge for the e-card per calendar year. Your employer withholds this service fee from your salary in order to forward it to social security. If you have more than one employment relationship that is subject to social security contributions, you first pay the service fee for each insurance claim. However, the excess amount paid will be refunded by the responsible health insurance provider if you submit an informal application and submit wage or salary accounting slips.

No service fee is charged for:

  • marginally employed
  • Employees who on November 15 receive no remuneration (e.g. for weekly assistance, parental leave according to the Maternity Protection Act / Fathers Parental Leave Act, military service or community service)
  • Employees who continue to receive less than half of their wages from their employer due to incapacity for work
  • People who are known to be deregistered from compulsory health insurance due to retirement in the first quarter of the following calendar year.

Note Insured persons who have to pay a deductible for the use of medical services (e.g. insured persons with the social insurance institute for commercial enterprises, the social insurance institute for farmers or the BVA) do not have to pay a service fee.

Loss, theft, or damage

If you have lost the e-card, if it was stolen or damaged, report this to the social security department immediately. The new chip card will be sent to you free of charge. If a doctor's visit is necessary beforehand, the doctor will treat you even without an e-card. However, it is important that you give your social security number so that the doctor can check your insurance claim. As soon as you have received your new e-card, take it to the doctor afterwards.

If you have any questions, the e-card Serviceline is available on 050 124 33 22 (local rate) from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. The e-card Serviceline can also be reached by fax on 050 124 33 23 or by email at [email protected]

Note If you caused the loss or damage to the card yourself, social security may charge a fee.

Negative entitlement check

Sometimes it happens that the e-card system shows you are not insured even though you are. This can happen, for example, if the health insurance provider changes or if the card is defective. In this case, the patient is informed that there is no suitable contractual relationship with a health insurance company and that the treatment cannot be carried out at the expense of social insurance. It is now up to the doctor to decide whether or not to treat you. He / she can ask for a deposit from you for the treatment, which you will get back as soon as you bring the new e-card.

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