Medical Rehabilitation

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Medical Rehabilitation
Medical Rehabilitation

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Video: Medical Rehabilitation
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Medical rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation is a part of rehabilitation. It includes measures aimed at maintaining or improving the state of health and primarily requiring the performance of medical services. Medical rehabilitation measures are intended to ensure the success of a patient's treatment or alleviate the consequences of an illness…


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Goal of medical rehabilitation

Many illnesses or accidents can lead to patients requiring medical measures after acute treatment in hospital. The aim of medical rehabilitation is to enable patients again to lead an independent life, if possible without outside help, and to be able to take an appropriate place in the community.

In special special hospitals that are used for rehabilitation, a rehabilitation plan is drawn up for patients, which is tailored to the patient's personal situation and individual health problems or illnesses.

In the event of a heart attack, cardiological rehabilitation measures are required to remove existing impairments and to prevent another heart attack. Neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation measures can be used after an accident with a traumatic brain injury or spinal column injuries. There are special oncological rehabilitation measures for cancer.

Medical rehabilitation services

The medical rehabilitation measures include the following services:

  • Accommodation in hospitals that primarily serve rehabilitation (rehabilitation centers).
  • Outpatient rehabilitation measures (only in accordance with Section 302 ASVG)
  • The granting of medical help as well as the supply of remedies and medical aids, provided these are originally related to the rehabilitation stay.

Requirement for the application

The following requirements must be met by every social insurance agency for a rehabilitation stay:

  • Medical rehabilitation measures must be necessary for medical reasons.
  • Medical rehabilitation measures must be prescribed by a doctor and approved by the social security agency.

Note You can find detailed information on the requirements under Application for Medical Rehabilitation.

Whom can I ask?

In order to receive medical rehabilitation benefits, those affected must submit a rehabilitation application. Different social insurance agencies are responsible for approving medical rehabilitation:

  • Accident insurance carrier (e.g. AUVA)
  • Pension insurance carrier (e.g. PVA)
  • Social security agencies

For information on rehabilitation facilities, see Rehabilitation Compass.

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