Allergies: Benefits And Costs

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Allergies: Benefits And Costs
Allergies: Benefits And Costs

Video: Allergies: Benefits And Costs

Video: Allergies: Benefits And Costs
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Allergies: benefits and costs

How is the reimbursement made? What is the difference between claiming a service from a contract doctor and from a doctor of choice? Answers to these questions as well as information on reimbursement of medication and nutritional advice can be found here at a glance.


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Doctor visit

The costs for all necessary and appropriate diagnostic measures and therapies are covered by the health insurance carriers. For some more specific services, prior authorization is required to cover costs. In principle, your doctor or the outpatient clinic will settle accounts with your health insurance company. With certain health insurance providers, however, you may have to pay a deductible (BVAEB, SVS, SVS, BVAEB).

If you use a doctor of your choice (= a doctor without a health insurance contract) or a private outpatient clinic, the costs will not be charged directly. In this case, you pay the amount directly to the doctor and submit the invoice to your health insurance company. You will be reimbursed a maximum of 80 percent of the tariff that a contract doctor or a contract outpatient clinic charges the health insurance company. If anything is unclear, ask your health insurer about the amount to be expected before using an elective doctor or a private outpatient clinic. This gives you a comparison between the usual health insurance tariff and the tariff of a doctor of choice or a private outpatient clinic.


For some special drugs, a pre-approval is required to cover the costs. The reimbursement of medication costs by the health insurance company follows the statutory reimbursement code. In principle, your pharmacist will settle accounts directly with your health insurance company. There is a deductible as a prescription fee for you, unless you are exempt from prescription fees.

Note Information on the services can be found under the respective topic articles on allergy diseases.

For more information, see Costs and Deductibles.

Information on costs for established alternative healing methods, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and other complementary therapies for allergy treatment can be found under Complementary therapy methods for allergies.

Nutritional advice

The correct way to deal with food allergies must be learned. It is important that the patient is fully informed about the disease, the better complications can be avoided. As part of a professional nutritional consultation, ways are worked out how a balanced, needs-covering diet can be achieved despite allergies. Some social insurance agencies offer personal information on nutrition in the context of nutritional advice in the event of food allergies and other intolerances.

Further information is available under nutritional advice and therapy.