Sexuality - Partnership In Old Age

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Sexuality - Partnership In Old Age
Sexuality - Partnership In Old Age

Relationship and sexuality in old age

Love has no expiration date. Even at an advanced age you can fall in love again, consolidate an existing partnership and experience fulfilling sexuality. Sexuality is an expression of joy in life and vitality and should not be taboo in old age.


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Growing older as a couple

A stable relationship in every phase of life is essentially based on trust and security. As a well-rehearsed team you know a lot about the other person and have developed strategies to accept the good points and ignore less pleasant features. And you give him / her the freedom to pursue their own hobbies on their own. The security that such a community brings with it makes you happy and gives balance - getting older, even serious illnesses, can be better managed.

Searching for a partner - also on the net

Since women live longer on average than men, they are particularly often single. In old age, the (spouse) partner is often missing as the most important reference and support person. The same paths as when looking for new friends and acquaintances also open up to people who want to enter into a relationship. Those who actively take advantage of leisure activities and take part in social life according to their possibilities will encounter potential life partners even at an advanced age. Older generations are also increasingly looking for them in partner exchanges on the Internet and are certainly finding what they are looking for.

Sexuality for Mature People

Important prerequisites for a fulfilled love life are openness towards the partner, the exchange of interests, but also the allowance of freedom. Satisfying experiences only come about when you clearly recognize your own needs and desires and try to meet them. The reduction of feelings of shame towards one's own aging body and that of the partner plays an important role in a fulfilling sex life for senior citizens.

Sexuality changes over the years, but it remains complex and individually different. Physical excellence is less in demand, the desire for closeness and well-being comes to the fore. The fact that the frequency of sexual contact decreases with age often has little to do with a low need for sex and tenderness: Sometimes physical illnesses, chronic pain, hormonal disorders, medication, psychological problems and fears impair sex life.

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