All About The First Time

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All About The First Time
All About The First Time

Video: All About The First Time

Video: All About The First Time
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All about the first time

Many teenagers worry about the first time long before it actually happens. Numerous questions arise: How will it be? Will it hurt Will I be able to meet the friend's expectations? Should I do it too because the others have already done it? Is it bad if I don't want to now? Will it work with the use of the condom? And much, much more. Insecurities are quite normal - just like tingling, anticipation and great feelings.


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The right time

There is no such thing as a “right time” that applies to everyone. Some teenagers have their first sex earlier, others later. Often it is not planned, but just happens. It is all the more important to know about the body and about contraception in good time - and also to address the topic. Because a girl can get pregnant the first time.

For many teenagers, it is important to have their first experience with someone they truly love, whom they can talk to about anything, and whom they trust. In any case, you should listen to your own feelings and, even if it is difficult, say “no” if you don't feel ready to do so. This should also be respected by the partner. It is easier to talk about anything in a calm and safe atmosphere.

Sex does not always follow a set program, and certainly not as portrayed in many films and magazines. Difficulties (at the beginning) are completely normal. So are fears and insecurities. While boys, for example, may have doubts as to whether the erection (stiff penis) will work and they can cope with the condom, girls, for example, wonder whether it will also be nice. Both can worry that they will not look good in front of the other, for example if they still want to wait, and they can worry about whether they are doing everything “right”. That can make you feel insecure and doubtful.

Petting - kissing & tenderness

Petting is about cuddling, kissing, being tender and caressing each other. The sexual organs such as the vagina (vulva) or penis can also be included and stimulated. There are many sensitive areas on the body, for example nipples or neck are among the erogenous zones. The tip of the penis (glans) and clitoris are particularly sensitive to touch. However, the penis is not inserted into the vagina (or anus) during petting. Here, too, the following applies: how far everyone wants to go, everyone decides for themselves. In any case, you shouldn't allow yourself to be forced into something you don't want at all, or you shouldn't expect certain things from the other person.

Even when petting it can happen that the so-called pleasure drop emerges from the guy's penis. The drop of pleasure comes out before the ejaculation. Even the drop of pleasure can contain sperm cells. It can also lead to unexpected ejaculation. If seminal fluid (sperm cells) gets into the vagina, pregnancy can occur even if no sexual intercourse has taken place. You should therefore make sure that no seminal fluid gets into the vagina area - for example through your hands.

The hymen

If the vagina takes on a penis for the first time, the hymen (vaginal membrane, hymen) can be stretched or tear a little. Often it is hardly noticeable. It may bleed, but it doesn't always. More about the hymen can be found under female anatomy.

Even if the girl wants to, is in love and is relaxed, the body can still react differently than planned - for example due to the excitement. For example, the vagina can stay dry - that is, there is no vaginal fluid that acts as a natural lubricant during intercourse, and penile penetration hurts. Then it is better to listen to the body's “no-go”, wait a while and try again later. Incidentally, such situations can happen again and again later in life. Because sex doesn't always go according to plan.

Fear of failure

For the boys, the first sexual intercourse is also exciting. The size of the penis is often an important issue. However, sexual satisfaction depends on various factors. Feelings also play an important role, for example. Stress and problems can ruin your mood. Nervousness can also result in the penis not becoming sufficiently stiff for a condom to be put on or for penetration to be possible.

Many guys are so aroused, especially the first few times, that premature ejaculation occurs before the penis has penetrated the vagina or shortly afterwards. Most of the time this will subside. However, the body cannot be “programmed” here either, and sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you want it to. Then the following applies: Take your time, don't force anything, take it easy and gain experience. Mishaps and "mishaps" are part of it.

The orgasm

If a boy gets an ejaculation, one speaks of an orgasm or sexual climax. At the height of sexual arousal, the semen and the seminal fluid are jerked out. This is done by rhythmically contracting the muscles (pelvis). In girls, during an orgasm, the muscles in the vaginal area contract and relax again. You don't have to orgasm every time you have sex, even if it was nice. Stress, tension, problems, tiredness, but also alcohol, for example, can contribute to the absence of an orgasm. Orgasm can also occur through masturbation.

More information about the body

  • the woman is there under woman anatomy as well
  • of man is under Anatomy of Man.

Protection of minors & sex

In Austria, children and young people enjoy special legal protection, which also relates to the area of sexuality. How old = " do you have to be to be allowed to have sex and how old = " your partner? And when do you make yourself liable to prosecution? Information on the legal regulations is available at

You can find detailed information on law and sexual contacts at

Information on sex and the Internet, smartphones, sexting, etc. can be found at

Further information

Girls and boys can get information on the topic of “first time” from

  • Advice centers.
  • via the First love website.

Young people can also find information and advice

  • via the info search from
  • There is information in the brochure Love, Sex and so from the Ministry of Youth.
  • Further information on forced intercourse can be found under Sexual violence.
  • The youth portal offers information and a collection of links on “Sexuality & Love”.
  • A film with information on love, sexuality and contraception is available at (Sex we can ?!).