Equal Health Opportunities For Women And Men

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Equal Health Opportunities For Women And Men
Equal Health Opportunities For Women And Men

Video: Equal Health Opportunities For Women And Men

Video: Equal Health Opportunities For Women And Men
Video: Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other | Middle Ground 2023, September

Equal opportunity: women & men

Gender is an important factor in relation to illness and health. Equal health opportunities also play an important role here. As scientific research shows, not everyone has the same chances of a healthy life. The health opportunities deteriorate the lower the occupational or social status is.

This form of inequality pervades all social classes. To counteract this, various projects and initiatives have been launched. These are constantly being developed.


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Health goal equal opportunities

Material circumstances (including housing), social environment, education, behavior (e.g. exercise, diet, etc.), psychological and biological factors have an impact on the state of health. These aspects are in turn dependent on social status, cultural background and gender.

The report of the initiative “Health Targets Austria” - “Ensure equal health opportunities between the sexes and socio-economic groups, regardless of origin and age. Health goal 2nd report of the working group / Update 2017 summarizes strategy and action concepts for the implementation of the health goal. Because equal opportunity is one of the central basic principles of health goals. The impact goals contained therein are:

  • Enable social advancement in the course of life and across generations (e.g. through early help).
  • Systematically reduce social and health inequalities (e.g. through the Women's Health Action Plan).
  • Increase the effectiveness of health and social protection and ensure it for everyone (e.g. through a hotline against discrimination and intolerance).

In addition, supporting measures for the sustainable implementation of the impact goals (e.g. gender health report) are listed. You can find more detailed information directly in the relevant report and at www.gesundheitsziel-oesterreich.at.

Gender equitable health promotion

The Fonds Gesundes Österreich (FGÖ) has developed a strategy under the name “Health Equal Opportunities 2021”. This not only supports the general health goals. The strategy also ties in with international health strategies of the WHO and the EU. In the initial phase, the status quo was surveyed and action strategies were developed in this area. The vision that builds on this is that a broad awareness of this will develop in society and that coordinated action will take place for greater equity in health.

Knowledge pool

The FGÖ offers a knowledge pool on the topic of health promotion and health equity on its website. There you can also search for funded projects in the project database:

  • FGÖ funded projects in the project database
  • Materials of the workshop “Health equity. Exchange - networking - development of perspectives for Austria"
  • Materials from the health promotion conference "Promoting equity in health together - strategies and models of intersectoral cooperation"