Forever And Ever - Tips

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Forever And Ever - Tips
Forever And Ever - Tips

Video: Forever And Ever - Tips

Video: Forever And Ever - Tips
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Together for a long time

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for a long-term relationship and keeping love alive. However, some factors and behaviors as well as commitment on the part of both partners can contribute to a "successful" long-term relationship…


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Communication & conflict resolution

The conversation behavior, common conflict resolution strategies, the ability to develop as well as the ability to reconcile are considered essential for relationship satisfaction. In general, the chances of a long-term and satisfied partnership are better if couples communicate openly and "fairly" with one another from the start (e.g. listening, allowing others to speak, talking about themselves instead of making reproaches, expressing wishes and needs, remaining specific, current problems address, avoid devaluations, accusations and accusations, show appreciation, treat each other with respect, ask questions, etc.). Couples who are attentive and tender to one another and who strive to find a common solution to problems and effectively cope with everyday stress also contribute positively to their relationship.

In order to master times with high demands together, both the skills of the individual and the couple are essential.

Further information on resources, sources of strength and risk factors can be found under Soul & Psyche.

Further development - together and individually

Conflicts can arise again and again in partnerships. In the course of a partnership, continuous joint coordination and coordination processes are necessary, e.g. with regard to mutual support for development interests and opportunities, values and ideas about goals in life and the partnership (e.g. who is responsible for what in the household, etc.).

Successful long-term partnership?

This can help to keep the couple relationship long-term and to maintain love:

  • Take time for each other and for the relationship, ie regularly plan time in which both are there for each other (like going to the cinema, eating out together, etc.).
  • Show interest in the life of the other person as well as in important things in the life of the partner, e.g. in work and hobbies, show appreciation, e.g. for what she / he is particularly good at, give the feeling of him / her appreciate.
  • Communicating love, for example through affection and care, but also by saying words like “I love you” at a suitable moment.
  • Support the partner (emotionally) when he / she needs support.
  • Solve problems (including relationship problems) constructively (talk about them and find common solutions). Direct expression of wishes, patient and attentive listening, a willingness to compromise and take responsibility are beneficial. Criticism, condescending behavior, defensive behavior, contempt, constant procrastination, defensive behavior and “masquerading”, on the other hand, have a counterproductive effect when dealing with problems. Refusal to talk is also destructive, as is constant blame.
  • Share feelings. Inform the partner about what moves and touches inside.
  • Prepare little joys and laugh together.
  • Be lenient and forgive small misconduct.

Partnership & Health

Living in a happy partnership has been shown to have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. On the other hand, ongoing problems and conflicts can have a negative impact on health and even lead to physical complaints.