Kindergarten Start - Preparation

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Kindergarten Start - Preparation
Kindergarten Start - Preparation

Video: Kindergarten Start - Preparation

Video: Kindergarten Start - Preparation
Video: 5 Tips To Prepare your Child for Kindergarten | 5 Kindergarten Readiness Tips| DandV's Family 2023, September

Prepare for kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is a big and exciting moment - for the little ones and for their parents or guardians. On this day, joyful expectation and curious looks are often faced with uncertainties and uneasiness in view of the unfamiliar situation. The first time in kindergarten is often associated with a variety of challenges. However, parents and employees of the kindergarten can prepare the way to kindergarten for the boys and girls accordingly and thus contribute to making it more pleasant.


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Info & preparation

In the course of preparing for kindergarten and in the time afterwards, you can consider the following, among other things:

  • Get information and stay calm. Basically: Fearfulness and insecurity are "normal" right at the beginning. Remember: starting kindergarten is a big change for your child. But this is not always easy for mum and dad either. So be patient and understanding. Trust your child that they will cope with the situation over time, even if changed behavior may occur at the beginning - such as difficulty falling asleep, restlessness, etc. Parents' fears can also unsettle children. If you have any questions or are unsure, it is best to contact the kindergarten pedagogues, kindergarten assistants, etc.
  • Talk about kindergarten in advance. Tell your child about kindergarten, what it looks like there, what is done - e.g. play, sing, do handicrafts with other children. With the help of picture books you can give your child an idea of kindergarten. Perhaps you know children who are already in kindergarten and can report on what they like there.
  • Visit beforehand. Make use of visiting days, introductory events, open days, etc. This way you and your child can get to know the kindergarten and the staff.
  • Exchange with the specialists. Inquire with the kindergarten pedagogues about the process of the familiarization period in the kindergarten (familiarization models) and plan some free time to accompany your child.

Time to get used to

The acclimatization phase can take different lengths of time for each child and should therefore be designed individually. Regularities help:

  • Get used to it slowly. Just at the beginning, give your child the time they need. Gradual familiarization helps you get used to it - and is practiced in many kindergartens today. Inquire with the kindergarten teachers about the modalities in the kindergarten. Since the start of kindergarten involves major changes, if possible, no other major events should take place at the same time in the family's life (such as a new job, relocation of the family, etc.).
  • Take the familiar with you. Bringing your favorite cuddly toy or other items that are important for the child can make it easier to get started.
  • Adhere to regular daily routines and pick-up times. Regularity helps the child to get used to everyday kindergarten life more easily. For example, you should always bring your child to kindergarten at the same time. You can build trust by keeping promises you make to your child. You should therefore always collect your child at the agreed time, for example.