Medical Help For The Psyche

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Medical Help For The Psyche
Medical Help For The Psyche

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Medical help for the psyche

General practitioners, psychiatrists and other specially trained doctors offer professional medical help in the area of ​​the psyche. Child and youth psychiatrists are specifically trained for children and young people. Due to the symptoms and severity of a mental or psychosomatic illness, an inpatient stay in a hospital or a rehabilitation stay may be necessary.

In acute crises, psychiatric outpatient clinics are available. Work on psychiatric / psychosomatic wards is interdisciplinary - doctors work closely with other professions such as clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and specially trained nursing staff.


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Psychiatry, psychotherapeutic and subject-specific psychosomatic medicine

Psychiatrists are specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine. After studying medicine, you completed several years of specialist training. Since the training regulations have constantly changed, there are also other names for psychiatrists, such as: specialist in psychiatry or specialist in psychiatry and neurology. You can find more information on the professional profile of the specialist doctor under specialist doctor.

The psychiatrist examines people who suffer from psychiatric problems and mental disorders and initiates treatment measures if necessary. Medical treatment is usually medicated - often in combination with short discussions. Many psychiatrists also have classical psychotherapy training in accordance with the Psychotherapists Act or the so-called PSY diplomas from the Austrian Medical Association (ÖÄK). Psychotherapeutic medicine is a mandatory component of the new training regulations for psychiatrists.

Doctors in certain source subject areas who acquire special medical-medical knowledge, experience and skills in the field of psychosomatic medicine can demonstrate a quality-assured, structured further education in this area through a specialization diploma. Further training in the specialization of subject-specific psychosomatic medicine is possible after acquiring the professional qualification as a general practitioner or specialist.

Child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine

Child psychiatrists undergo several years of training. After studying medicine, they must complete specialist training to become a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine. Doctors who became child psychiatrists before the 2015 medical training regulations came into force first graduated from another field (paediatrics, psychiatry, neurology) and then specialized in the additional subject of child and adolescent neuropsychiatry. These specially trained doctors are mostly also psychotherapists.

Child and adolescent psychiatry deals primarily with developmental disorders, disorders of social behavior and psychiatric illnesses in childhood and adolescence (e.g. anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, etc.).

Treatment in hospital / rehabilitation

Should an inpatient stay in a hospital be necessary due to the symptoms and severity of a mental or psychosomatic illness, psychiatric and psychosomatic departments - some with day clinics - are available.

Doctors, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, specially trained nursing staff and other professional groups (e.g. occupational therapists) work together here on an interdisciplinary basis in order to provide holistic care for patients.

In acute crises - especially at night and on weekends - the first point of contact is the nearest psychiatric outpatient department in a hospital. You can find the clinic search under “Services”.

There are outpatient clinics and rehabilitation facilities specializing in the psyche. For more information, see Health Search.

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