Youth Unemployment - No Prospects? Youth Unemployment - Contact Points

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Youth Unemployment - No Prospects? Youth Unemployment - Contact Points
Youth Unemployment - No Prospects? Youth Unemployment - Contact Points

Video: Youth Unemployment - No Prospects? Youth Unemployment - Contact Points

Video: Youth Unemployment - No Prospects? Youth Unemployment - Contact Points
Video: Solving global youth unemployment: Mona Mourshed at TEDxUNPlaza 2023, March

Unemployment: young people

It is important for young people to lead a self-determined and independent life. They are aware that a good and secure job contributes to their independence and is of great importance in order to achieve a satisfactory level of quality of life. Unemployment or its prospects also pose a threat to health and wellbeing.


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The better the education, the safer future jobs are and the less likely it is that threatened unemployment becomes a problem. The Compulsory Training Act therefore stipulates that young people must complete further training following compulsory schooling, which aims at a recognized educational qualification. If this path cannot be followed directly by the young person, a perspective plan is developed together with youth coaches or the AMS. Because: There are many training paths or support on the way there!

You can obtain more information on this from the coordination office on 0800 700 118 or

What contact points are there?

If stumbling blocks on the way to the apprenticeship position, the apprenticeship qualification, when finding and keeping an apprenticeship position or an apprenticeship position have to be overcome, there is support from professionals. As part of training up to 18, there are various offers from the labor market service and the social ministry service. The apprenticeship and training company coaching is available especially for apprentices. Overcoming current challenges and developing suitable solution strategies is a priority in all consultations. This knowledge can also be applied in the future.

Youth coaching: Youth coaches advise and support young people in order to increase their chances on the job market. This offer can already be used during the ninth grade in order to become active as quickly as possible. The coaches advise young people if their training path is still unclear or if there are personal or organizational problems before the start of their training. You can find more information at:

Apprenticeship and training company coaching: Coaches are available to young people who have problems with their training, their training company or the vocational school and also advise training companies. For more information, please contact

AMS: The AMS has many different attractive offers for young people. It supports you in career orientation and in the search for an apprenticeship position, a training position or an offer that increases the likelihood of a training position. You can find more information at:

  • AMS youth portal (study)
  • Apprenticeship exchange of the AMS and the WKO

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