Occupation: Alcohol In The Company

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Occupation: Alcohol In The Company
Occupation: Alcohol In The Company

Video: Occupation: Alcohol In The Company

Video: Occupation: Alcohol In The Company
Video: Drug and Alcohol Use in the Workplace 2023, September

Alcohol in the company

Problematic alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction not only pose economic challenges for companies. They have many effects, including on the working atmosphere. Mostly there are changes in those affected, e.g. in behavior, appearance and / or work performance. Frequent absences, absent or sick days, aggressive behavior, but also mood swings and neglect of the outside as well as the smell of alcohol etc. can be signs of problems.


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What managers (must) do

Alcohol consumption affects alertness, concentration and ability to react. Work behavior and work performance are impaired by risky consumption. Superiors have to react quickly if it becomes clear that their work is (acutely) impaired. The company faces human and performance problems and is also subject to legal regulations. The employer is obliged, for example, to take measures for the safety and health protection of employees (in accordance with the duty of care, regulated in Section 18 of the Employees Act and Section 3 of the Employee Protection Act (ASchG)).

Problematic alcohol consumption - preventive measures

Employers are obliged to engage in other activities or to expel employees who are unable to carry out their work without endangering themselves or others. You should also intervene as early as possible if there are any abnormalities that affect work and indicate high and regular alcohol consumption. This is done, for example, in the form of one or more discussions (intervention talks). Companies can also take preventive action and anchor addiction prevention (addiction prevention programs) in the company. One of the deciding factors for the way in which alcohol is handled in the company is the company's own culture.

Employees at all levels of a company can show problematic alcohol consumption, including superiors.

In this case, employees are not obliged to talk to the supervisor concerned. You can get support for yourself and fall back on assistance, e.g. from specialized advice centers, a company doctor or a practicing doctor (e.g. for general medicine). You can also contact psychotherapists or psychologists. Perhaps the company also has an alcohol prevention program that provides information on how to deal with the situation.

  • Addiction Compass and
  • Addiction prevention & coordination.

The various counseling options are also available to those affected themselves.

additional Information

Brochures with interesting facts about alcohol, preventive measures and the implementation of intervention talks etc.:

  • From consumption to enjoyment (AUVA brochure for companies and those responsible)
  • For sure? Certainly not with alcohol! (AUVA folder on the subject)
  • Addiction at work (brochure from the Institute for Addiction Prevention and Drug Coordination Vienna)
  • "Act instead of looking the other way" (Addiction prevention and early intervention in the world of work, Institute for Addiction Prevention)

Websites with comprehensive information on alcohol in the workplace and information material:

  • Institute for Addiction Prevention and Drug Coordination Vienna (information and various brochures)
  • Institute for Addiction Prevention Pro Mente Upper Austria (information on addiction prevention in the world of work, brochure)
  • Chamber of Labor (information on alcohol at work)
  • Stepcheck.at (website of AUVA / the Institut Suchtprävention Oberösterreich, program on addiction prevention - early recognition and action in the field of addiction prevention)
  • Social insurance (standards for occupational alcohol addiction prevention)
  • Addiction prevention Jugendrotkreuz Tirol (prevention in companies, www.kontaktco.at)

For more information about alcohol, including addiction, possible signs of excessive drinking, and addiction, see:

  • Alcohol & addiction
  • Dependency
  • Alcohol Handbook (Ministry of Health)

Information on employment law, termination and dismissal can be found at

  • Chamber of Labor
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • oesterreich.gv.at