Active Bundles Of Strength And Energy

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Active Bundles Of Strength And Energy
Active Bundles Of Strength And Energy

Video: Active Bundles Of Strength And Energy

Video: Active Bundles Of Strength And Energy
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Active bundles of strength and energy

Craftsmen, construction workers, farmers, etc. should eat differently than people who mainly sit at work. Because people who work physically have a significantly higher energy requirement than office workers, for example. A physically hard-working man (25 to 51 years of age) should consume around 3,300 kcal of energy per day, for a woman of the same age it is around 2,600 kcal…


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It is recommended for physical (heavy) work

  • The energy requirement is increased. Even if the fat content of food can be increased to up to 35 percent of energy, you should not eat fatty snacks or sweets, but more, for example, dairy products.
  • Start the day with a hearty and plentiful breakfast that will replenish your energy and strength reserves. Muesli with fresh fruit or dried fruit and milk or yoghurt as well as wholemeal bread topped with cheese and ham are suitable for this.
  • A lunch or lunch package prepared at home is better than the sausage or pizza stand during the lunch break. Breads and other snacks can be cut to size and conveniently carried in transport boxes.

Further information and tips on healthy eating can be found in the recipe database.

Note In order to cover an increased energy requirement, eg during heavy physical work, an increase in fat intake from 30 to 35 percent is recommended. Prefer healthy fats.