Active Leisure Activities

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Active Leisure Activities
Active Leisure Activities

Video: Active Leisure Activities

Video: Active Leisure Activities
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Active leisure activities

With the exit from professional life, older people gain free time that can be used sensibly on an individual basis. Why not tackle things you didn't have time for before? Learn new things, experience culture, travel to unknown countries, enter into a "community" with a pet or pursue your creative interests. An active leisure time means joy of life and not infrequently also recognition.


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Learning - a life long

The old formula “learn - work - retire” no longer corresponds to our social reality. Anyone who wants to actively participate in social, political, economic and cultural life must constantly acquire knowledge. Learning in old age also promotes health because it keeps you mentally fit. In addition to the possibility of maintaining social exchange, the Internet also offers a wealth of information and new impulses. Anyone who dares to learn new things in old age - be it using a computer, a language, a musical instrument or studying for a senior citizen - keeps their gray cells going and has a permanent place in social life even after leaving their job. More information under lifelong learning.

Creative in old age

When you retire, you finally have the opportunity to do what you always wanted to do. Everyone has interests and desires or has a creative potential that he can now use individually. The possibilities range from courses, handicrafts and painting to workshops on photography or garden design to making music and dancing. Traveling to unknown countries also offers a variety of new impressions. When choosing a travel destination and preparing for the trip, senior citizens should, however, take into account a few special aspects in order to be able to enjoy their vacation undisturbed. More information can be found at.

Discounts in old age

Participation in society and society costs money. As a pensioner, however, you receive numerous discounts when using public transport or when attending cultural events. Your pension notification is considered a senior citizen's pass in conjunction with a photo ID. The specific discounts you receive differ in the individual federal states.

You can find more information on discounts at

Tip You can find inexpensive offers for language, computer or music courses at the adult education centers in your region.